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Diary writing examples

But if she thinks I'm going to write down my "feelings" in here or whatever, she's crazy. How do diaries written in moments of historical crisis differ from those written in less turbulent times? Click on the gray background of the word cloud. D: Use concrete words and phrases and sensory details to convey experiences and events precisely. This should give the paper a worn, leather-like appearance. There's one problem. What might be some of the possible reasons he used multiple languages? Each student reads one sentence as we go around the room. More useful? How can you tell that this piece of text is from a different time in history? What is your interpretation of the last three questions he asks in this entry? Encourage them to use their word clouds for temporal words. Nothing on the page and only a blank look on their faces? Others wrote to feel close to loved ones or distant relatives.

Focus Questions While diaries are typically considered private and personal records, some people in history have written diaries for other reasons. Once completed, students will share their responses within small groups.

How to write a diary entry for school

Tell me about one time when you were frightened. What date did she arrive in the United States? They also gain important content knowledge. Ask students to form groups of four, count off, and choose the question corresponding to their number from the list below. This activity will simply help your students get some ideas on the page. They should then paint an irregular pattern over the paper. Was the weather different than in their native land? How much do they really know about their families? When Charlie discovers that youth teams are being selected to play in exhibition matches at the World Cup tournament later that year he decides to enter North Star. Your students are sure to share some personal information when they write their stream of consciousness, so reassure them that their freewriting is private as well. However, the most successful prompts are not about faraway places and people unknown. Their son, Pierre Feigl. Are Zombies really different from us?

Diary of a Wimpy Kid! Are Zombies really different from us? Tomorrow we will illustrate your journal entry.

diary writing examples

Ask students to circle words or ideas of interest and then share them with the class. Any of these emotions will bring the details of the moment back to your students. Charlie loves football. No matter what they write, it is sure to be enlightening.

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how to write a diary entry for school

Explain to your students the concept of a family tree. Point out the success they have achieved and challenge them to write for a longer time with the next try.

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