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For example, one may break the fast while traveling or if he is sick and make it up on other days. There are many political, cultural, scientific, social, religious, etc.

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This hadith can be understood by knowing its background. The differences are also in thoughts and cultures Al-Fawadi, para.

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Weight: Perhaps, the religious texts, official documents, etc. One significant characteristic of Shariah, i.

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For example, don't make it a wajib compulsory that you will fast every Monday and Thursday but do it as much as you are able to comfortably and break it from time to time. Righteousness is here, and he pointed to his chest three times. In the Age of Renaissance, translation activity increased and thrives.

It is known that each science has its own terms, therefore; it is not enough to know just the linguistic meaning of these words, the translator of the Prophetic Sunnah must be conversant with religious and in the general fundamentals of religion as well as terms that are frequently used in supporting sciences Waiet, p.

In addition, the linguistic template that a message is shown in a source language is different from that in a target language, especially if common information and assumptions between a reader and a writer are different, especially if that happens among two languages that differ completely in their culture aspect, such as Arabic and English Languages, so that it is not easy to translate from Arabic to English and vice versa in view of a different structure and installation of both languages completely Yusef, para.

This makes finding an appropriate equivalence of a target language is the most complex issues that a translator faces 'Religious Texts',para.

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