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As we move forward, we need to examine these longer-term benefits more carefully.

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Our embedded people analytics and data-driven workforce planning tools deliver real-time insights via intuitive dashboards. For example, recruitment of non-national employees needs to be carried out while taking into account local labor costs.

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But for now, Mandarin is not a realistic option for a one-language policy. An estimated million people use it on the internet. When nonnative speakers are forced to communicate in English, they can feel that their worth to the company has been diminished, regardless of their fluency level. But their power to derail careers and company work can be significantly mitigated by adequately preparing people and systems for the change. For example, China is rich in coal but coking coal is scarce and the existing reserves have been carved out. Many FrenchCo employees said that when they felt that their relatively poor language skills could become conspicuous and have career-related consequences, they simply stopped contributing to common discourse. The bottom line takes a hit when employees stop participating in group settings. Compliance is spotty. If you simply move executives from China to a different country, they may have excellent reputations domestically but, in fact, might have little overseas experience. Whether through education, employment, or living abroad, experience tends to give people the confidence they need to succeed in this task. Encourage good study habits. Another advantage we can see is in acquisitions that reduce our transportation costs. She recalls walking into the meeting with a lot of energy—until she noticed the translator headsets. What about the issue of controls? Assess performance, provide coaching, and create competitive compensation programs.

In doing so, nonnative speakers shift their anxiety and loss of power to native speakers. He also encouraged managers to support their subordinates in their efforts to develop their language proficiency.

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To obtain a specialist designation, candidates must possess an associate-level credential. Leaders and managers can help employees move from one box to another more easily than you might expect.

Shifts in buy-in call for different measures.

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Given the size and growth of the Chinese economy, why move to an English-only policy?

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Going global: The challenges of international expansion