Tucker the man and his dream

Now he thinks the American public is ready for a truly modern automobile - one with great design and good mileage and safety features like pop-out windshields and seat belts.

People who know the story will find a lot of what they call errors.

tucker car

The majority of outdoor filming took place in Marin County, California as well as various locations including OaklandNovatoand San Francisco. His father, Carmine Coppola, had been one of the original investors in Tucker stock and purchased one of the cars off the production line.

Safety features were a big part, says Follis. The entire film gleams with the allure of lacquered sheet metal and hurtles forward with the supercharged art and refined science of reinvigorated, industrial-strength movie-studio craft, which Coppola and his crew raise to new heights of imagination.

Tucker the man and his dream

The production is notable as the first film to have audio mixing work done at Lucas's Skywalker Ranch. A little of this would have made the point; Coppola pushes it to distraction.

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