The malaysian consumer price index economics essay

Besides, components of the PPI no matter in local and imported have shown a higher inflation. The CPI also does not provide separate reports according to different demographic groups.

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The first-round effects would be better contained if adjustments to administered prices were undertaken in a gradual manner, as businesses would be better able to manage the impact on their costs. Inthe increasing of the price of RON97 petrol and kerosene were the significant adjustments in retail prices.

Domestic retail fuel prices remained static due to Government subsidies and influence the inflation in the transport category remained relatively modest in the first half of the year. As a result, the contribution of food prices to headline inflation was higher than in the previous year.

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The CPI is a weighted index of goods purchased by consumers. The non-commodity increased at a moderate speed of 2. The decline in prices in the communication and clothing and footwear categories were partly diminished the increasing of the overall prices.

Because the CPI is purposely constructed with a focus on the buying habits of urban consumers, it has often been criticized as not providing an accurate measure of either prices of goods or consumer buying habits for more rural areas. However, there has been a net deficit in the overall balance of payments position in the second half of since the outflows in the financial account more than counterbalance the surplus in the current account.

Subsequently, prices in the housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels category increased at a faster rate of 1. The headline inflation averaged at 5.

Most Popular Posts. Although the CPI is widely used as the core indicator of inflation, its accuracy in this area has drawn increasing criticism.

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Malaysia Inflation Rate (CPI)