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Even the very first adaptation ina play called Presumption: or the Fate of Frankenstein, portrays Victor as having a servant who aids him in the lab.

With just a glance at his grotesque appearance he is able to make anyone he encounters to run in fear of him.

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The remote Arctic is her choice for introductory setting. The monster emphasizes that this problem of isolation is universal, coming from ostracism and not just a choice.

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They make choices that isolate themselves from everyone else. From the beginning of the novel, Victor Frankenstein chooses a life of solitude, while the creature he creates suffers a life of unwanted solitude. A lab assistant totally eradicates the contrast between the isolation of monster and that of Victor. Like Victor, he desired recognition and was willing to take risks in order to fulfill that desire. Is community the only deterrent to unchecked knowledge? I have prevented his encountering the inconveniences and perhaps dangers of so long a journey; yet how often have I regretted not being able to perform it myself! So as for this matter of isolation, is it a choice? Henry keeps Frankenstein from becoming a monster himself. If Victor did not act alone in creating the monster, then the carnage that follows can be blamed on the monster. Walton actually explains to his sister that he desires a friend to share his anticipated discoveries and disappointments with. The novel ends with Victor finishing up his narrative to Walton, and we find out that Walton abandoned his pursuit of the North Pole. In Frankenstein, horrible things happen when a character is isolated from the others. The mariner's punishment for killing the albatross is watching his crew die in front of him.

Is it possible for someone to be more intellectually advanced than his or her peers and still maintain a sense of community with them?

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This moment is the birth of the real monster. By employing an epistolary narrative writing style and by having Walton realize that letters or journals are not satisfying enough to communicate his emotions, Shelley increases the sense of loneliness in her novel. He stops writing home and distances himself from his colleagues, focusing all of his attention and energy on creating his new species. When society abandons the monster, he becomes enraged and malicious. Again and again, he is turned away from love and companionship, which what he has longed for since he was first brought to life. Shelley dares her readers to contrast this type of isolation with the type that Victor undergoes. After it, however, we can legitimately call him a monster. Stephen C. Many characters in the novel find themselves in isolated positions, and a few suffer grave consequences because of it. The theme of isolation is a very prominent theme throughout the novel. One major theme is of isolation. In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein loneliness is the most significant and prevailing theme throughout the entire novel. One common element of gothic literature includes extreme landscapes.

After it, however, we can legitimately call him a monster. Frankenstein and his creation are not blood related, however, their similarities bond the two.

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Theme of Isolation in Frankenstein