Strength of the inner child essay

At the same time, through media coverage, there has been a growing recognition of the rampant child abuse in our culture. The small snake has become a monster.

That wounded child is you, is me, and we must extend a hand to him so we can understand, defuse and transform the energy of his suffering. Who has not experienced some kind of physical or emotional mistreatment in childhood? The more you do for yourself and talk directly with your partners about what you need and why, the less you will rely on manipulation.

This may explain why programs for Adult Children have gained such great popularity. And the steps we take are not only to heal ourselves—we somehow connect to all wounded children, those of our ancestors and descendants and everyone else in the world.

It provides an excellent framework for re-parenting the Inner Child.

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Her deeply moving book For Your Own Good: Hidden Cruelty in Child-Rearing and the Roots of Violence, lays bare the shocking truth of widespread violence against children and how this affects them in later life. Fun can be found at every turn along the way. This agrees exactly with our experience of the psychology of the individual, which shows that the "child" paves the way for a future change of personality.

After a second career as a corporate trainer and personal coach, Pierre retired as a full-time writer, philosopher and consultant.

my inner child is coming out and it hurts
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When Your 'Inner Child' Hijacks Your Adult Relationships