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Adoption of technology is not just at a faster rate, but universally embraced sooner.

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But one can see how it may only take a small step to "improving" otherwise healthy individuals with technology. Of particular interest are its habitat modules, which are important for making sure that space stations have the living space needed to accommodate all of their occupants.

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As opposed to artificial intelligence, or AI, Fink's research team is developing reasoning algorithms that are not rule-based to teach machines to recognize features in a landscape that—for one reason or another—a human explorer would classify as "interesting.

Visiting Asteroids Asteroids are a subject of immense interest to scientists.

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Falcon 9 offers engine-out capability for the first stage. The technology, which could prove life-changing especially in remote, underserved areas of the world, uses imaging and a remote, cloud-based "expert system"—which uses intelligent software based on disease models to suggest diagnoses much like a human medical expert—to quickly identify patients at risk of losing their vision. One of Fink's projects illustrates how this approach could play out in the very near future. When There Is No Turning Back A manned mission to Mars, which involves an outbound journey of at least one year, can succeed only if no vital parts of the system break beyond repair, including those made of flesh and blood. Taking up miles of physical space, supercomputing systems are capable of processing huge amounts of data in a nanosecond, ensuring scientists have the information they need, when they need it. If technological innovation continues at this rapid pace, it's not outrageous to think that soon we might be living among the stars, rather than looking up at them. Fink's lab is that you really get the opportunity to do a lot of the actual work on the projects," Brooks says.

Although scientists need to manage the rovers, AI means that engineers can stand back from the machines and let them gather and analyse information alone, without too much human involvement. Should robots have rights?

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Such robots could operate in environments too hazardous for humans to venture into—for example, natural disaster zones such as the tsunami-stricken nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan, or beyond the reach of Earth-based mission control centers.

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Five Space Exploration Technologies That Will Blow You Away