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In a recent incident at Sundargarh in Orissa two persons wanted to buy mutton for Rs. There must be some reason as to why humans are violent creatures. Your role as a student is to pick the topic if requiredconduct the research, and prepare a well-structured paper.

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Further explanations of aggression come from the behaviourist aggressive cue theory, ACT also known as cue-arousal as proposed by Berkowitz Journal Of Educational Psychology, 50 1 In certain forms few of the aggressive actions may have social utility.

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Aggression as studies show is aggravated by previous histories of conflict or the presence of other groups which may be hostile to the interests of the threatened group.

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We also want those that really really love to write, for they are the most enthusiastic about their responsibilities! It has been observed that physical attack in a mental health unit setting appear to be happening more frequently while the attacks include patient-to patient and patient-to-staff aggressive behavior. In another incident a maid servant became violent when her land lady denied her leave to go home. Women had to stay home, take care of the offspring and became gatherers. This is permitted by social norms. Its first start off with simple aggressive act, then it leads to bigger problems. This proved that the lower class tends to be more authoritarian in their outlook towards life. But tremendous difficulties are experienced while studying aggression experimentally since aggression is a dangerous behaviour. A comparative study of different societies as well as cultures shows that aggression develops in a society and it differ according to the variation in culture. Aggression is also sometimes accompanied by feeling of insecurity. When the peers serve as models their aggressive acts are imitated.
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