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There are two main types: One, a large poster. It is most effective in brand awareness with short, dramatic messages and occasionally for "spectaculars" such as marriage proposals.

This is a strong metal rod with loops at the end. Care must be taken of course that it will stream closed in normal flight; if attached the wrong way around it will cause a very high drag. It delivers to the entire DMA selected without clutter and in a very memorable way.

Added-Value media coverage occurs frequently and skywriting is often part of a media mix, combined with broadcast.

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The pilot will slam the controls forward. Engine heat is used to turn specially treated paraffin oil into white smoke, which is discharged under pressure. A article by the Associated Press reports that aerial advertisement companies had lost a preliminary injunction against new federal security regulations, and all data indicate that the use of civilian fixed-wing aircraft over sporting events in the U.

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It will be thrown out and door or canopy closed. In a special machine a patented foam fluid is combined with water and helium to make the foam. This is the phase of flight that has led to some banner towing pilots losing their lives. It reduces the stall speed, but it also allows a slightly less nose-up attitude. The aircraft will cruise, maintaining the flap setting. The previous is to illustrate that aerial advertising was big business then, and could grow into a much bigger operation. Every flight you have the potential to accomplish millions of impressions. If there are two aircraft flying in formation, the second one will be fitted with two lines. For this reason, a parachute is added.

A few years ago, in the UK a banner-towing aircraft crashed at the end of a flight; it carried a passenger, a politician for whose election campaign the banner towing flight was intended to draw attention.

View this link and see what folks have to say about a Digital Skywriting job that was executed following clients demand to fly in high winds.

At the time, it was speculated in the press that the extra weight of the passenger would have been the cause of the accident. Kite systems[ edit ] For centuries kite systems have been employed to fly advertisements.

As the wind drifts the sky written words, even more people see them!

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Aerial Advertising: Skywriting