Situational knowledge the science question in feminism of partial perspective essay

Situated knowledge theory

Technoscience and science fiction collapse into the sun of their radiant ir reality -- war. It is, of course, hard to climb when you are holding on to both ends of a pole, simultaneously or alternately. All knowledge is a condensed node in an agonistic powerfield. Harvard University Press, Collins, P. Abstract In this article, the feminist and science and technology studies roots of situated epistemology are discussed. I would like a doctrine of embodied objectivity that accommodates paradoxical and critical feminist science projects: feminist objectivity means quite simply situated knowledges. So, the further I get with the description of the radical social constructionist programme and a particular version of postmodernism, coupled to the acid tools of critical discourse in the human sciences, the more nervous I get. We don't want a theory of innocent powers to represent the world, where language and bodies both fall into the bliss of organic symbiosis. The 'equality' of positioning is a denial of responsibility and critical enquiry. The 'eyes' made available in modern technological sciences shatter any idea of passive vision; these prosthetic devices show us that all eyes, including our own organic ones, are active perceptual systems, building in translations and specific ways of seeing, that is, ways of life. Martin, E.

We also don't want to theorize the world, much less act within it, in terms of Global Systems, but we do need an earth-wide network of connections, including the ability partially to translate knowledges among very different -- and power-differentiated -- communities.

All components of the desire are paradoxical and dangerous, and their combination is both contradictory and necessary.

situated knowledges: the science question in feminism and the privilege of partial perspective

No wonder Max gets to have a naive sense of humour and a kind of happily regressive, pre-oedipal sexuality, a sexuality which we ambivalently -- and dangerously incorrectly -- had imagined was reserved for lifelong inmates of female and colonized bodies, and maybe also white male computer hackers in solitary electronic confinement.

The subjugated have a decent chance to be on to the god-trick and all its dazzling -- and, therefore, blinding -- illuminations. West of Eden: resource wars and nature-cultures in the american the Politics of Feminism.

situated knowledge feminism

University of Chicago Press, Chicago. Over time, the idea of situated knowledges has appeared in more domains, including schol- arship on education and the environment e. That's not alienating distance; that's a possible allegory for feminist versions of objectivity.

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what is situated knowledge why is situated knowledge important for some feminist researchers

In this way we might become answerable for what we learn how to see.

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Situated Knowledges