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Romania is last in EU when it comes to digital public services, despite the large share of e-government users 7th in the EUthe report revealed. As regards female ICT specialists, Romania is well positioned as it ranks 16th, with 1. The country ranks 45th out of economies assessed in the report, with Although Getting Credit is one of the indicators for which Romania ranks high, the country lost 13 positions in this category, going down to 20th place in the Doing Business report.

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The neighboring Republic of Moldova ranks better than Romania, being on the 44th place with 73 points. Hungary 48th and Bulgaria 50th are still behind Romania, however.

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Last year, Romania was at number 7. On the other hand, the last places are occupied by Somalia, Eritrea, and Venezuela. Bulgaria is at the bottom of the list while Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Denmark scored the highest ratings in DESI and are among the global leaders in digitalisation.

Romania performs best in the Connectivity dimension, thanks to the wide availability of fast and ultrafast fixed broadband networks especially in urban areas. Romania also went slightly down based on the Starting a Business indicator, from 62nd to 64th place.

However, the report notes that the Romanians are keen to engage in a variety of online activities, especially social networks and video calls. Romania is second-to-last in the overall ranking of DESIwith a score of

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