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Stopping to think can often lead to saved time and energy in the long run. Pretty soon, we figured, they would start coordinating their work hours with their coworkers. But we go further.

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There was a fixed hierarchy, huge power distances, and no room for people to use their creativity. Leaders and managers are increasingly moving towards a more humanistic style of management.

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This degree of solidarity gave the company a huge advantage while competitors were falling around them. There have three types of Leadership theories. We do a similar thing with titles.

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Turnover is very small. Not on your life. Their impressive growth rate average But our reasoning was simple. Pile A: Priority items that require your personal attention and represent matters of indisputable importance. It was the nature of his revolution that the company even held a party to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the last time he made a decision about anything. There are no secretaries or personal assistants. The union has never objected because the initiative came from the workers themselves. Ricardo Semler, and the leaders he recruited to help him turn things around, first studied who were the most motivated among their employees Invariably, the most motivated held managerial positions. A few years ago, the U. Semco has three fundamental values on which we base some 30 management programs. Everybody has the monthly statement that says exactly what each of them makes, how much bronze is costing us, how much overtime we paid, all of it. Workers are selfgoverning and self managing.

Those are the myths. Employees redesign products they make, their work environments, and even formulate their own marketing plans. There are no departments, no rules, and no audits. We may also be too specialized. So a general discussion arose, and the upshot was that now everyone knows how to operate a forklift.

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Managing Without Managers