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Writing, unlike unrecorded speech, is a permanent record for all to see, and the "context" is not as important as in speech where context "colors" the words. What subject would it be?

Persuasive writing

Here are our 20 writing persuasive prompts for students aged 8 to 12! This way, you can challenge their point of view. Students who are late to school should do a chore for their class. Smoking should be banned in all public areas. Persuade your family to let you study overseas at a Summer School next year. Persuade your friend to help you with your homework. Fizzy drinks should be banned from school. Why are your ideas the right thing to do? After a unit on recycling, for example, students could write a persuasive letter to their families to convince them to recycle more. Find below our essay writing prompts to help you practice your persuasive skills. You can find this information from personally talking to people about their experiences.

Support your argument with at least three pieces of evidence Most people will not be convinced of your ideas unless you can show them evidence. Here are our 20 writing persuasive prompts for students aged 8 to 12!

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If your values are criticized, sometimes we need agree "to disagree". Country life is better than city life. You can choose one superhero power to help others: fly or stop time. Persuade your teacher to let you eat your favourite snacks in class. Convince the boss that you are the person they should choose. All classrooms should have a class pet. You might encourage them to participate by having them write a letter to the editor. Students can mention these different beliefs toward the beginning of their writing piece before they make their own argument. Imagine you want to be the next president of your country. Why are your ideas the right thing to do? Teachers must wear a uniform to school.

We hope you have enjoyed these free writing prompts! All students should learn at least 2 languages in school.

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See Teaching Writing: Peer Review for further guidance. School holidays should be longer. Why are your ideas the right thing to do? All students should teach one lesson to their class each term. Or students might write to their school librarian and try to convince him or her to purchase something in particular for the library. You have just started a new business making a phone better than the iPhone. Dogs are better than cats. I should decide what time my bedtime is. If you go, you are not allowed to come back to Earth. This is your last chance to sway their opinion! For example: your readers do not see you, only your words.

Channel these techniques into your writing to put forward the best argument you can. They will start thinking about other perspectives that they may not have considered before. Find below our essay writing prompts to help you practice your persuasive skills.

how to write a persuasive essay

Yes or no? Teenagers should not do any chores at home.

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Yes or no? Show that you understand the different sides to your argument A clear and coherent writer who is putting their argument forward will have taken the time to consider other points of view different to their own. This is your chance to change the world in which we live through your thoughts! Try not to take it personally. Students should be taught only how to type; not write with pen and paper. Textbooks should be replaced by tablets or e-readers. I should be able to go to bed when I want. Students should be allowed to pick their own seats in class. Imagine that you have been given the chance to interview for your dream job. Everyone under the age of 17 should have to stay in after 9pm. Why should people vote for you? How to respond to criticism: Consider criticism as a test of developing your powers of persuasion. Fast food like chips and pizza should be served everyday in the school canteen.

We can help you improve your ESL writing as well as your English speaking, listening and reading skills with many other nationalities.

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