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They were originally grocers.

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By that time, Gandhi's communal life with the untouchables had become more acceptable. He was supporting himself on the shoulders of Abha and Manu, his grand daughter-in-law and granddaughter respectively. Gandhi's sympathies were with the Boers. On reaching Pretoria, Gandhi called a meeting of the local Indians. The freedom movement had become a mass movement. The newspapers carried out the propaganda that the Indians were dirty and uncivilized. Small Cottage Industries were started for self-sufficiency. Gandhi broke his fast. His volunteers were arrested.

The peasants decided to withhold the payment until the enhancement was cancelled or an impartial tribunal appointed for setting the case. Repression failed to yield the results.

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He believes that truth is God and all his experiments concern his attempts to achieve truth and purity. With great effort his elder brother solved the issue. Further, the import of indentured laborers from India was to be phased out by Government started negotiations.

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Lord Mountbatten described him as 'one-man peace army'. It consisted mainly of indentured labourers and traders. When they were arrested, five thousand Indian coal miners also went on strike and Gandhi himself led them across the Natalese border, where they expected arrest.

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An Autobiography or The Story of my Experiments with Truth