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As a man, you ought to take her up on that because she is amazing in. And the agents that are are utilizing digital marketing strategies and social media.

Thank you so much, Krista.

But it seems almost too simple. Email is still the most profitable form of marketing online. Who are your personal coaches, how much time do I spend with them and what is the cost? You have more time. So pick a niche in real estate. Liking realtor, dot com, liking Zillow, you know, liking community events. So you actually get butts in seats, right? But if somebody is looking for that specific topic, you're going to show up way more often on that specific topic when you do need. It's difficult.

That was the marquee doing a, you know, high five. The next book is three clients in 30 days. So Krista may sure.

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So we've got like three or three or four different programs out there. And then you just give a quick tip or two.

They're watching Facebook. I know it's not quite that easy, but it's that's that's what it sounded. What if you were to decide and rate it on its condition? What's changing? And we're now kind of dabbling into Katie Couric. A lack of clearly defined goals and objectives will cause coaching not to work or to fail quickly. You have to put it in writing.

Maybe you want to work with a retirement company or you want to do homes on deep water. Real estate blog mike ferry tv the organization bussiness strategic business plan.

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Has Mike Ferry Lost His Mind?