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The exception is for your committee chair, who will be designated as Chair on the title page for PhD students see template.

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List and describe key materials and apparatus. Detailed calculations go to an appendix.

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State 1 the purpose of the investigation, 2 the problem being investigated, 3 the background context and importance of the problem citing previous work by others , 4 your thesis and general approach, and 5 the criteria for your study's success. The abstract body text should be on the same page as the template header information. The year on your title and copyright pages is the year your degree will be conferred. Come to a workshop. Number the front-matter section in lowercase roman numerals. It includes these elements: Title page. Be sure to list acknowledgments , appendixes , and bibliography. Your name should match your UW record and be consistently written the same way in your account details on the ETD Administrator site as on your title page, copyright page, and abstract page. End Matter The end matter is mainly referential material too detailed to fit well in the main narrative of work done. The body includes these elements: Introduction.

For most all PhD students your degree name listed on your title page will be simply: Doctor of Philosophy.

Thesis Format. List of figures. Check out the copyright information page Looking for a thesis? You may insert images anywhere after the first three pages, as needed, ensuring you are still following the ProQuest formatting guidelines for images.

Acknowledge assistance from advisors, sponsors, funding agencies, colleagues, technicians, and so on. Need help with formatting? Be precise, and consistent as you format your document.

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Set up a pre-submission consultation during designated dates each semester. You can update your official Preferred Name via identity.

Check your Reading Committee listing in MyGrad to make sure the information is all correct. Concerned about copyright?

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