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What might be easy or difficult about sharing this with your family?

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Discussing online self-help support groups as the precursor to e-therapy, Martha Ainsworth notes that "the enduring success of these groups has firmly established the potential of computer-mediated communication to enable discussion of sensitive personal issues. Start the meeting As people begin arriving, be sure to make eye contact and say hello, greeting them by name if you've met them before. On the other hand, foundations and other community locations do not automatically provide the association of a supportive and caring place for new participants. If you are unsure, how someone wants to be treated, ask them! Has the facilitator undergone training? Tell everyone you can about the group, and ask them to tell others. Ask for additional comments or questions: Check to see if anyone in the group has anything to add. Explain your reasons; letting the member know why you need to change the situation will make him more likely to cooperate. Over time, however, contributing your own ideas and experiences may help you get more out of a support group. Assessments employed included formal measures and self-reported status as well as mental health status inferred from the content of ISG posts. If you are able to offer attendance via Skype free videoconferencing or similar options, this could link in participants from greater distances. Those receiving treatment from a mental health professional or CBT or who were participating in a mutual support group or another research project at the lead investigator's research centre at the time of recruitment were excluded. However, you may have to ask questions to coax them into offering support by asking questions.

Call the meeting to order on time, or at least within five minutes of the designated time. Listen while people are sharing.

ANOVAs, t-tests, Pearson chi-square, and Fisher Exact Probability tests were employed to identify any differences between conditions in baseline attributes or scores and also to compare attrition across the conditions in order to investigate attrition bias and potential threats to internal study validity.

Feeling frustrated and isolated, Yoshiko wanted to start a support group for the disease's sufferers and their families.

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Measures of self-reported clinical characteristics including current and past history of depression, help seeking for depression and disability associated with depression in the past month were also collected.

This can help provide a local resource for assistance with reentry into the home community. Finally, Alexander et al [ 33 ] reported that user-cited benefits of a depression ISG were freely given support, caring, and affirmation from other members, the provision of an outlet for expression, and a place to turn when alone.

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It's important to consider these factors before joining an online group. Social Support The relative prevalence of different types of social support varied across studies.

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The characteristics of the depression ISGs also differed across and within studies. Encourage your local burn center or foundation to provide aftercare programming throughout the year ongoing support groups, regular camps, family days, etc.

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