Internal external possessors

Van Langendonck eds. Google Scholar Landau, I.

alienable noun examples

Body part nouns with PP possessors are both different from and similar to the dative external possessors in languages such as French and German. Cognitive Sources, Forces, and Grammaticalization, Cambridge. Google Scholar Jakobson, R. Google Scholar Janda, L.

Internal external possessors

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Alienable noun examples

Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. In this construction, the body part noun is always realized as the object of a locative preposition, as in example An important difference is that the dative external possessor construction is more general than the BEP construction. Landau, Idan Possessor raising and the structure of VP. The natural questions to be asked are then why these restrictions exist, and how they should be implemented in syntax. Google Scholar Benveniste, E. In section 10, the distribution of the PP possessor constructions is compared to the distribution of the body part noun phrases more generally. Haspelmath
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External vs. Internal Possessor Structures and Inalienability in Russian