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Navigating spaces defined by the performance of pity is becoming really draining. This list, too, is almost endless… Is this the epitome of democracy?

This section contains words approx. This is my first presidential election as a US citizen. By Thane Pullan, Grumpy Cripple Firstly, the word cripple would be offensive to many in the disability community.

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She includes her need for help by the people around her but also delves into the fact that she can still teach and perform arduous tasks. How do I get up there? Cultural ideals of normalcy vary from place to place, time to time, and culture to culture.

British universities and laws run about a decade behind America's, but they are catching up fast, and their provisions are far more consistent than those found in the US's complex jumble of private and public schools, small colleges and huge universities.

What kinds of social and intellectual encounters with eccentric bodies and eccentric minds preceded that concept?

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Share this:. People touch us without consent.

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Rhetorical Analysis of Being a Cripple Essay