Hr policies of lg company

Hr policies of lg company

We set up a Distributor Engagement and Enhancement team as well as a training team for the In-shop demonstrators. The vital aspect of this paper is to give an understanding of the varied work cultures and how they operate as well as respecting the businesses and normal life.

Interviewer: Looking ahead, what do you see as some of the greatest opportunities for LG in India?

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All three were helped by the fall in the share of Sony Ericsson and Motorola. Training is an opportunity that LGE offers to its employees as per their ranks and jobs with the aim and intention of encouraging them if not permitting them to apply the latest technological aspects to their day o day operations. Being able to understand the customers is a vital aspect in all business in the entire world irrespective of where one is planning on selling their products or services. Impute entails providing a more appealing product based on the understanding that people actually do judge a book by its cover. Diversity Management LG Electronics established and declared a labor policy against discrimination, facilitating an environment in which individuals with diverse values and beliefs can work together as a team. At the Head Office level, we strengthened the Product management and marketing teams. Do you find that's a critical component also for grooming and retaining and training employees? Any change in BA's strategy would have developed in an incremental fashion, an almost natural progression. However the brand is not perceived as youthful and trendy.

There appears to be little in the way of strategy formulation and strategy implementation. I think, people make all the difference and the success of Samsung mobile is testimony to the same.

We recruited a very good number-two person in another brand, because what we believed is that knowledge is something that can be learned.

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Interviewer: Is this an innovative model for the Indian market itself, or is this very much in keeping with what you know of Korean business models? We have three products which are growth engines from now onwards.

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Get your HR system audited: HR standards: governance. As far as mobile phones are concerned, youth are attracted by music, gaming and file sharing options. What my belief is for [avoiding] attrition: One is career plan and the second is engagement.

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This is the clear objective that each Product Division operates with, globally as well as each subsidiary, as in the case of India. Interviewer: Is that to make up for deficits in the hiring market? Any suggestions, recommendations or feedback on the policies and procedures specified in this manual are welcome. About 3. LGE rewards the employees based on their performance as a form of motivation. An hr policy is a commitment of an organization to act in a specific way while dealing with its employees FEATURES A personnel policy should reflect good practice, be written down, and be communicated throughout the organization Should be clear, precise and easily understandable Should not be rigid, it should adapt to changing circumstances Should be responsive to the prevailing situation and environment Must be two way communication- between the management and the workers so that the latter are kept informed about the latest development It should support all the concerned parties OBJECTIVE To achieve the objective of the organization Should be designed in such a way that healthy competition and effective co-operation among the workers is promoted. Which, as you were saying, as a Korean company in India when we started, the first and the foremost thing we worked on was that empowerment should go down to the lowest level.

Interviewer: Are you finding that it's easy, given your culture, to retain employees?

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