How to write a policy research report

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how to write a policy research report

Maybe your professor would want you to prepare a paper that will need to persuade the school board that students should have access to the internet. How do policy briefs differ from other kinds of writing assignments? Be sure to address any previous policy actions taken on the matter.

Policy Brief What this handout is about This handout will offer tips for writing effective policy briefs.

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Criteria for judging policy choices. Understanding what the problem is, in the clearest terms possible, will give your reader a reference point.

How to write an abstract for a policy paper

Smith, Catherine F. How many people does this issue affect? For example, you can use the following: Articles from school magazines. Policy papers are written efficiently. Policy analysts in government, interest groups and policy research firms prepare policy reports. For instance, it is unclear how Policy Choice B would affect the criteria of inclusiveness, or how to judge the cost effectiveness of Policy Choice C. Your discussion should raise the desire of policymakers to set goals and collect a lot of scientific information, as well as make an emotional appeal.

This is also important for research papers, but it tends to be absolutely critical in policy papers. How many people does this issue affect?

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Tips on how to write a policy paper