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How to write a business discussion paper

Describe the generalizability of your results to other situations, if applicable to the method chosen, then describe in detail problems you encountered in the method s you used to gather information. There should also be your personal understanding of the issues that are being discussed before you build up your personal opinion or write a conclusion. Structure and Writing Style These are the general rules you should adopt when composing your discussion of the results: Do not be verbose or repetitive Be concise and make your points clearly Avoid the use of jargon or undefined technical language Follow a logical stream of thought; in general, interpret and discuss the significance of your findings in the same sequence you described them in your results section [a notable exception is to begin by highlighting an unexpected result or finding] Use the present verb tense, especially for established facts; however, refer to specific works or prior studies in the past tense If needed, use subheadings to help organize your discussion or to categorize your interpretations into themes II. On the other hand, manuscript writing process should begin before the completion of the study even the during project stage. The introductory paragraph contains the main idea of performing the study in question. Outline your discussion essay using paper and a pen. Especially before writing the manuscript, the most important step at the start is to construct a draft, and completion of the manuscript on a theoretical basis. Interpretation is a subjective exercise. The introductory part introduces the readers to the subject of writing and takes them to the disclosure of basic aspects of the work. For the placement of references use of software programs detailed in other sections is a rational approach. How to Write an Effective Discussion. That is really an important phase in any guide on how to write a discussion paper. The reader passes through a test of boredom while reading paragraphs of the Discussion section apart from the introductory, and the last paragraphs. How should the intermediate paragraphs of the Discussion section be formulated?

Bates College; Hess, Dean R. Make Suggestions for Further Research You may choose to conclude the discussion section by making suggestions for further research [this can be done in the overall conclusion of your paper].

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Moreover, some unanswered questions may have become more focused because of your study. That is why the choice is up to you. Make sure the topic is one that you're interested in personally since it will be easier for you to write. References to previous research: compare your results with the findings from other studies, or use the studies to support a claim. Two different approaches can be formulated on this issue? About Author or Bio : Justin Rossi is a blogger, student and content creator on writing and college blogs. If a study that you cited does not support your findings, don't ignore it--clearly explain why your research findings differ from theirs. George Mason University; Discussion. A brief overview of how to write a discussion paper How to write a discussion paper — what to begin with?

Problems to Avoid Do not waste entire sentences restating your results. A brief overview of how to write a discussion paper How to write a discussion paper — what to begin with?

how to write a discussion paper

Annesley, Thomas M. If you feel compelled to speculate, be certain that you clearly identify your comments as speculation or as a suggestion for where further research is needed.

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Be concise and make your points clearly. Therefore, during construction of a draft, attention distracting environment should be avoided, and this step should be completed within 1—2 hours. During this procedure, inevitably some issues which concerns general concept of manuscript writing process are dealt with. Your goal at this point is to get your thoughts on the discussion essay topic organized and in writing. Try to move on through your key arguments in specific order, starting with your weakest argument and gradually progressing to the strongest. NOTE: Besides the literature review section, the preponderance of references to sources in your research paper are usually found in the discussion section. What should be the strategy of sparing time for manuscript writing be? A good discussion section includes analysis of any unexpected findings. That is why the choice is up to you.

Organize the discussion from the general to the specific, linking your findings to the literature, then to theory, then to practice [if appropriate].

Besides application of a template which contains the intended clear-cut messages to be followed will contribute to the communication of net messages. However, do not offer recommendations which could have been easily addressed within the study.

Make Suggestions for Further Research Although your study may offer important insights about the research problem, other questions related to the problem likely remain unanswered.

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However writing manuscripts is a challenging endeavour in that we physicians have a heavy workload, and English which is common language used for the dissemination of scientific knowledge is not our mother tongue. Choose your discussion essay topic. Subsequently, in the light of the current literature this finding is discussed, new ideas on this subject are revealed, and the paragraph ends with a concluding remark. University College Writing Centre. The research that you had to do may take a couple of days. There is a general advice for you on how to write a discussion paper: stop where the questions you asked start to feel like they were already answered previously. This demonstrates to the reader you have inadequately examined and interpreted the data. Since they are unrelated both to the author s , and subject matter of the manuscript, these referees can review our manuscript more objectively. A good discussion section includes analysis of any unexpected findings.
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