Good manners are infectious

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Good manners also lead to good habits which lead to personal growth and as well as overall development of the society. For them, good manners mean nothing. So do good manners. Compare them with those talked about in this passage, and try to find out something universal. A fellow did not say "please" to a lift-operator and was thrown of the lift by him.

If the bad manners of one person influence others and make them rude and ill-tempered; the good manners of one person also affect others and make them polite and kind. The wife might have been annoyed by the cook who might have been irritated on the behaviour of the house-maid.

Posted by. If you keep them in mind, you should stay on the right side of most people.

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They behave rough, rude and imprudent in buses, trains and public places. Or when you are in a library where most of the people keep quite,will you answer a phone or making some big noise without scruple? It is easy to look smart by wearing good clothes or your looks may kill if you may have a good physique but without good manners, it is just worthless.

Whether it is intended for a social gathering, those good manners are the most sought, people in their life.

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Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. His civility radiated comfort, joy and peace. Like infections they travel from person to person leaving their bitter or sweet taste in the environment. It also helps to think about how you could help someone and to offer to do that. For them, good manners mean nothing. He says that bad manners of one person influence others and make them also rude and ill-tempered. They are the virtues which all of us should acquire consciously knowing well, how important they are for us. In short, the writer has rightly said that manners are infectious; whether they are bad or good. For example,when other people are waiting outside politely for people in the elevator to get off first,will you rush into the elevator?
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Good Manners are Infectious Free Essays