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The first chapter is devoted to telling her life story. Jackson City University of Mississippi Press. For students who find the preparation of essay on Christmas difficult, we offer qualified assistance.

Lyman Hagen makes a critical outline of her works and managed to find the secret behind the mastery of Angelou. Contact us and make an order! The book covers the traumatic experience she had at a young age to the beginning of her literary talents during her adolescence she ventured briefly into acting and took stop in the ci vil rights movement, rubbing elbows with Martin Luther King and Malcolm X until the time she took part in the inauguration of President flier Clinton.

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There is her biography written by deuce of her friends, Marcia Gillespie and Richard Long, along with her nephew Rosa Butler. Sylvester reveals that her poems are uniquely hers and are not imitations of other works as revealed with unique words she used.

She uses her own life experience to mirror how little people felt. The intro should include a thesis sentence setting the scene for the whole text.

Then there is the thematic issues which identifies the theme of the story. Angelous story is not a mere autobiography but also serves as a lesson in life where self-acceptance is the main theme and one of the keys to coping with lifes problems.

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Maya Angelou: A Glorious Celebration by Marcia Ann Gillespie