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For comparison, it seems like the episode where Mr.

Girl meets world promo money

And you know what, I'm okay with it. Smackle crashes the party to congratulate Farkle and to suggest that he consider transferring to Einstein Academy where his talents could be better nurtured.

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Cory repeats that atoms are as unique as people, and that the only label a person should wear is their name. And he came home right when his son called him.

Kind of.

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Cory continues to not teach history and everyone in the class has their best Lesson Face on. Much like the kids' charity ideas, this episode was too ambitious. I liked him in the classroom scenes a feat! The writers aren't trying to bait our sympathy for Maya here, and I greatly appreciate that. Shut up, Farkle. That evening at Topanga's , Stuart Minkus and his wife Jennifer throw a party for Farkle to celebrate his now-official status as a genius. Lucas-World Peace without a clear plan to implement it. One of my professors in college used to say "If you're going to sin, sin boldly. The most remarkable thing about these kids is how utterly without shame they are. The whole first half Maya looked so promising, talking about how she values the clothes Shawn bought her one of the best moments in a very long time , and dealing with her living situation with a level head. Cory preaches about charity, which is fine in theory, but one of the results irks me. There are a few chuckles but for the most part it's I also liked the idea that all of them are part of that one tiny sliver, even Maya.

Because you deserve it. Farkle comes in with the stupidest thing I ever heard in my life, continuing to romanticize Maya's poverty, which is such utter nonsense. Lucas has been mostly on his own this episode acting like a real human being, so he gets pretty-far-from-last place.

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Shut up, Farkle. Everything once Mark Cuban showed up was stupid, poorly thought out, and with nonsense we-want-this-to-be-deep-but-none-of-it-actually-makes-any-sense-with-even-cursory-examination dialogue, though I do buy that Minkus could be friends with him given his clout.

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Cory is blatantly not teaching History today. Farkle talked to the counselors for a long time; to his relief, the counselors told him not only that he does not have Asperger's, but also that they don't know what to make of him, which he likes. As his friends eavesdrop from outside the classroom, Farkle insists he would never leave his friends behind. Later, another student teaches him a lesson in compassion. Christian had a compelling perspective, so we had to pull up the episode. I like Maya have some perspective about her situation - is she a lot poorer than the Matthews and crazy-poorer than the Minkuses? His credit reads "Mark Cuban as Mark Cuban. Farkle-Invest in Maya Hart.

I liked him in the classroom scenes a feat!

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