Fastlane forum copywriting a book

Zero wanted to hire me!

Fastlane forum copywriting a book

They are two completely different battles but the fundamental approaches remain the same. I found out I sucked at accounting. Not much. Then, walking into my CFO office Money makes the world go around. Suddenly, you don't have a boss breathing down your neck. Try to leverage clients into each other.

Have a zillion clients! Read about the copywriting and advertising greats, David Ogilvy lived in a castle and Gary Halbert made millions of dollars off one single sales letter.

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That incident pushed me into finding more about myself and what I loved. Monday rolled around and I got an angry call due to potential "SEC" violations that could happen as I had made the site live [didn't even know there was an 'on' button].

Because they know you speak the language. In no way am I some 'hot shot millionaire. At some point, you just gotta bite the bullet. Once you get that running Stock markets, Motley Fool, all that jazz When you work in a niche, you can leverage one client into all the others!

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After many more failures, I found my love of copywriting. I wasted months and months trying to "educate then sell A few even said "Yes, send over the contract. Being self-employed frees you from that. When you work in a niche, you can leverage one client into all the others! Learned that the hard way with lots of wasted time. Or, pick up clients one-by-one I picked door 2. You already understand the industry. However, I cannot claim to be a master yet because I have yet to execute these ideas and this knowledge, but that is and will happen very soon. We figure out how to survive.
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