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In the film, we see that Plame, under a variety of aliases, ran secret networks of informants in Bagdad and other Middle Eastern cities. The second controversial allegation in the film was the suggestion that Plame's name had been leaked to the press, and specifically to Robert Novak , by someone in the White House , as retribution for Wilson's critical public comments about the uranium claim. The effect is, as intended, to divert attention from the consideration of the central issues of why the invasion took place. She has scenes where she devastates other characters with what she knows about them and how she can use that information. As Wilson came back from his endeavor he heard the famous speech that Bush gave when he addressed the Union. That game plan set the pitch for the rest of the movie. Valerie, a C. I suppose the question becomes, how well does "Fair Game" work as a movie?

Something not dissimilar happened to Dr David Kelly in Britain. He found none. This seemed to get the director to his main message no matter the case.

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Aware that he sefems to be living in a world of spy fiction, Joe light-heartedly remarks: "I'm not feeling very ish. Few people are happy to be portrayed as liars and betrayers. The bureaucrats charged with interpreting reality are trumped by the politicians whose avowed mission is to create reality. Valerie, a C. Wilson and Plame are both seen as loyal government employees, not particularly political until they discover the wrong information. In the film, Valerie Plame is shown working closely, and covertly, with a group of Iraqi scientists until her cover is blown; it is implied that the scientists were then abandoned as a result. I am going to conclude this review with a quote from the movie.

They're surrounded by press attention, and she finds her CIA work belittled by Bush administration spin doctors and her contacts overseas trashed. My rating for this movie was 3 out of 4 stars.

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When she and her colleagues find extensive evidence that Iraq is not actively developing weapons of mass destruction, their conclusions are overridden by men from the office of the vice president, most notably I. He wrote an article in the New York Times reporting on what he found, or didn't find, in Niger. In a November Washington Post column about the film, Walter Pincus and Richard Leiby, two reporters who had covered the Plame affair, wrote that this characterization was accurate. Using real names and a good many facts, it argues: 1 Saddam Hussein had no WMD; 2 the CIA knew it; 3 the White House knew it; 4 the agenda of Cheney and his White House neocons required an invasion of Iraq no matter what, and 5 therefore, the evidence was ignored and we went to war because of phony claims. I was just hoping for a better conclusion to that story. Then both started receiving death threats and could not be seen in public without getting ambushed by reporters, taxi drivers, among others. He discovers that they don't - and Plame and her colleagues also tell the bullyboys from Cheney's office that the aluminum tubes they're touting as a component of uranium refinement are not made for that purpose. It's unlikely Scooter would have been acting on his own. Wilson and Mr. For starters, it's true - and yet the victims of this story have been almost forgotten. The svengali is Cheney. Libby's boss, Dick Cheney, was involved, and the wily Karl Rove is the man who described Valerie Plame as "fair game". I suspect it will work better the more you walk in agreeing with it. We need to keep fighting about the recent past because its legacy is still with us, of course, but also, perhaps, to distract us from the equally quarrelsome present.

Bush or Dick Cheney, or straying into the media thicket of lies and liars, including the late columnist calumnist? Let me start critiquing the empirical content part of the film as mentioning the character Joseph Wilson, who served as a U.

Then the Bush spin doctors leaked the story that she was only a CIA "secretary. I suspect it will work better the more you walk in agreeing with it.

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Do you remember? Coming on the heels of the latest WikiLeaks data dump and the publication of Mr.

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