Extrememly loud and incredibly close

Synopsis[ edit ] Oskar Schell is a nine-year-old boy whose father, Thomas Schell, died in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, Does anyone really ever use those adverbs anymore?

Extrememly loud and incredibly close

Because of its great popularity, its message had a greater impact than many novels of its kind. Oskar mentions being taken in for testing in his first interaction with Abby Black, however he states that " Oskar makes an artbook-like scrapbook filled with pop-ups and pull tabs like a children's book, of his scavenger hunt and all the people he met and titles it "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close". Another label that crops up is "exploitative". A word much used is "manipulative". In an interview, Foer stated, "I was working on another story and I just started to feel the drag of it. Many critics found the child narrator to be unbelievable and not relatable. His grandmother decides to let him live with her in her apartment temporarily, which results in them becoming intimate, and he watches over Oskar from afar before meeting him. She is friendly and welcoming to Oskar when he arrives at her house, though she does decline Oskar's offer of a kiss. At the end of the book there is a pull tab, showing an animation in which Thomas's body is falling up instead of down. Why have him clutch an infuriating tambourine, and acquire a weirdo elderly sidekick?

The reader learns towards the end of the book that "the renter" is actually Oskar's grandfather, who abandoned his grandmother while she was pregnant with Thomas, though Oskar doesn't realise the connection. The topic of the child narrator is a contentious one.

Shortly after returning home, Oskar reconciles with his mother and vows to become better and allow for her to find happiness again, and she tells him how Oskar's father lied to her in his last call, telling her that he was coming home, to assure her not to worry over his death.

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Less enamoured reviewers have called it "tiresome", "kitsch", "mush", "tacky", irritating, "offensive", "crass" and "colossally misguided".

Extremely Loud dares appropriate pre-existing sentiment provoked by a great public tragedy that many hold to be sacred.

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William had sold the vase to Oskar's father who never knew the key was in the vase. Only through his journey through the city and through his grandparents' letters does he mimic the journey one must take when coping with trauma.

He often contemplates deeper topics and shows great empathy beyond what the average 9-year-old might have.

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This is manipulation all right.

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Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (film)