Essay on uses and abuses of computer and internet

Essay on uses and abuses of computer and internet

Like the radio, TV, and telephone it has functioned to help in the development of the world into a global village. The whole world is connected directly or indirectly through internet. It is true that we always face many problems. Internet is a source of vast information, simultaneously it offers numerous source of entertainment too. In hospital, computer is used to diagnose diseases. They do automatic fine tuning and colour regulating on television sets and other household gadgets. Though it is only a recent invention, which was used mainly in the west in the beginning, it has now become popular round the globe.

Wonderfully, any number of talkers can see each other on the computer screen as they talk. The greatest advancement was the way we communicate.

Conclusion of uses and abuses of internet

Anti-social groups or terrorist may use internet to spread anti-social activities. Computer is not a single instrument. Perhaps the best use of the Internet is being made in education for the extension of learning and. It is a great facility, but the users also misuse it by providing wrong information in social and commercial contacts. In spite of having a lot of merits, computer has some demerits too. The increased usage of the Internet has created an Internet-dominated society. Some anti-social group use internet to deceive people through cheat-funds. Thus now a day internet is considered very useful in business. Today student life cannot be imagined without computer. The arithmetic unit is also very important. We can also use internet through mobile via hotspot. Misuse of internet can spoil our life. They have the real-life update and they can easily cope up with the happening around the world. In simple terms, internet means the connection of a large number of computers with one another.

Like the radio, TV, and telephone it has functioned to help in the development of the world into a global village. For a typical firm, fully fifty percent of its capital investment goes into computers and telecommunications equipment.

Internet should be for development and other good purposes and not for destruction and decay. The arithmetic unit is also very important.

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Newspapers have reported wrong marriages between Internet users as a result of chatting between them. Many people use internet for vulgar chatting, nude films and immoral programs, in Pakistan, there is a mushroom growth of Net-Cafes and computer-centers where in specially designed private cabins along with young boys and girls, elderly people and small children too are seen busy in doing vulgar chatting and watching immoral programs.

Use and misuse of computer essay

Its wise and proper use can make it a real blessing for one and all. Seen in this context, internet has transformed the world into a global village in real terms. Long Essay on Internet advantages and disadvantages Internet Essay in words Introduction to internet essay: — The internet is naturally one of the most exciting and brilliant gifts of science to mankind. They can solve many problems due to the betterment of computer. In any case, the upsides of the Internet are so enormous in number that they beat the impediments effortlessly. Uses of internet in Education: — The uses of internet in education has brought a remarkable change to our education system. We can find the possible solution through the computer. One can get a lot of benefit from it. Get Essay Internet is replete with countless advantages. They should know the proper uses of internet and should use it for their benefit. You might also need:. Experts and scholars in different countries and continents exchange information on the sciences and arts, technical and technological matters and all other subjects of their interest.

There are a lot of advantages of internet, but it is impossible to turn our face from the disadvantages of internet. Uses of internet in education has made us wiser than before, use of internet in business has formed a different and wider market for us.

In a very short span of time, it has linked together the whole world.

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