Essay on present education system is good or bad

We can no longer ignore the political process.

Essay on present education system in india in 200 words

They should be educated to bring to the notice of administration the potholes are on the broken public roads and about legal remedies available to claim their rights. Indian education system emphasizes competitive spirit. Students are learning the subjects just to reach to the next level, i. When these students go out in the real world with this textbook knowledge they face a lot of problems. The role of the teacher is not to teach, but impart the skills which can makes the student think. Our schools and colleges are over-crowded. The education system has to promote this type of education. Find difficult to get admission in their favourite collange. We can no longer ignore the political process. The evil of tuition- mongering is on the rise. Education must aim at an all-round development of the personality of the students.

If the quality is not maintained at this level then that is a big harm to the next generation. As at keeping the decline of its future. As per article 45 of the Indian constitution, the state shall provide early childhood and care for all children up to 6 years of age.

According to me, the whole education system shouldn't be changed as it will take a lot of time to be accessible and understandable to all so. Even with the abundance of information we can access, our schools continue to demand discipline and restrict out-of-the-box thinking, leaving little or no room for technological teaching methods and innovation within the classroom.

why indian education system is not good

So that they can equip themselves better and teach the students better. Very low teacher to student ratio.

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If the ultimate product of the education system in India is to create employees then we better make good ones. Our textbooks do not mention the importance of physical activity and the extracurricular activities.

Students are not being taught why they are learning particular subjects and topic.

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Essay on present education system