Essay on conservation and consumption of resources

The distribution of natural resources depends upon number of physical factors like terrain, climate and altitude.

Essay on conservation of resources

This way, energy is conserved and no comfort is lost in the process. Seafood: Fishermen report that the catch they depend upon for their living is gradually decreasing. Natural resource management employs long-term approaches which stop the use of resources for short-term gains. Many resources on the earth are limited. The Uranium found in Ladakh is an example of potential resource that could be used in the future. Trade frictions may follow, although trade has the potential to improve efficiency and increase welfare by shifting resources from regions of relative abundance to the regions of scarcity. Another way is to keep doors and windows shut in the summer. Something else that must be taken into account when conserving energy in the house is air infiltration. Natural gas is much safer, since it reduces the production of toxic gases like sulphur and lead. Additionally, pollution levels in water, air and land have made it difficult for the survival of others species as well which are important to maintain balance in the ecosystem. The World Bank. Conservation of Natural Resources: The severe depletion of natural resources has brought to us a point where it has become necessary for us to come up with some long-term and effective measures to nourish back our planet. Deforestation results in loss of habitat, food and destruction of the ecosystem.

Natural gas is being raved about due to how much cleaner it burns than other traditional fossil fuels, and it is becoming one of the more popular forms of energy because of this trait. Mining of minerals and oils also account for resource depletion.

Importance of conservation of natural resources

Depletion of natural resources is applicable to this category. On the basis of their distribution, natural resources can be divided into: i Natural resources are confined to national boundaries, e. Both economic and social development is supposed to benefit from approximated revenues that are to be generated from mining industries. Instead of throwing away used envelopes, you can reverse it and use it again. Appliances and lighting also noticed reasonable changes through the use of a more efficient refrigerator, a gas range, a gas clothes-dryer, and fluorescent lights in the kitchen. It has experienced tremendous growth and success, but is now in its first recession or bust cycle. The rich deposits of coal in Ruhr region of Germany and petroleum in the West Asia, the dark soils of the Deccan plateau in Maharashtra are all actual resources. This leads to the depletion of natural resources. As a result, huge programmers are being administered by governments worldwide to stop or slow down the exploitation of resources.

If not cultured naturally, some stock of seafood will actually diminish soon. Exhaustibility: Resources are either non-renewable e.

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Conclusion: In conclusion, the depletion of natural resources is a serious concern because of the adverse effects it has on the ecosystem. But the exhaustion has happened at a rapid rate. Causes of the Depletion of Natural Resources: 1.

Whereas the second type of natural resources is renewable or nonconventional. As a result, huge programmers are being administered by governments worldwide to stop or slow down the exploitation of resources.

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In order to control the use of oil and natural gas, governments should implement a number of policies. Washington DC.

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