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Then turning its attention to the Yellow Pages I.

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We needed not just talk, not just analysis, but action and results. This case study illustrates how CMI, by training managers and leaders, supports the work of effective team-working within the workplace.

The importance of teams that perform well cannot be underestimated. Can we tip the balance in favour of success a bit further?

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The tax switchover happened on time and without excessive compliance costs, and the dealerships implemented agreed stop-gap measures which allowed trading to continue. Workers at the plant returned to the job, and more significantly, there has not been any similar incident in about six years since.

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Packed with interesting articles, event reviews and product updates, we bring you all our latest news. Focusing on the need to emerge with practical team strategies for an apparently impossible project, the group managed a simulated project together which accurately reproduced the challenges of getting a unified result across major cultural differences and legitimately different business priorities. T Department during the program were instantly transferable and highly successful at work, leading to the successful and uncontentious sale of the Telstra Yellow Pages business at the full asking price. Team Results helped us turn a near-disaster into a triumph. The challenge now is to use the insights gained to help the leadership team manage significant change. By comparison, other outplacement efforts for equally-qualified staff in other parts of the business which did not engage Team Results look longer, cost the business more and were much less successful. What have I learnt about myself? Some interesting ways of using the Team Management Profile with the students have emerged to help individuals work more effectively with each other. Using teamwork to build a better workplace A Chartered Management Institute case study Below is a list of Business Case Studies case studies organised alphabetically by company. Teams provide an opportunity to share ideas and strengths and use a variety of viewpoints and experiences. The pressures to keep the edge sharp and the plant at peak productivity were enormous.

How can we better handle change and uncertainty? This advice focuses on developing management skills and leaders in the special role that they have in motivating and inspiring others at work.

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An academic paper was written on this work by Team Results and delivered at Johns Hopkins University, leading to a collaborative project in cutting-edge team dynamics research with UCLA. You know instantly whether a team is balanced or not You get a researched model of how people and work fit together You can use the models and the language to actually get things done There is a way to resolve conflict, solve problems and move on You link together and communicate better You have a process to guide change for the better Case Studies John Lewis Partnership The Team Management Profile has helped create a more cohesive, focused and effective procurement team at John Lewis Partnership.

A successful handover of power to the new leadership team was essential, and there is nobody we would have trusted for that but Team Results.

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