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The purpose of this paper is to show that particular developmental strategies employed by these economies eventually led to their downfall. Tariffs can be high on imported manufactured goods and low on imported raw materials. Re-Evaluate Fixed Exchange Rates: Fixed exchange rates have largely disappeared, except when they use a basket of currencies, since flexibility may be needed in many cases to avert a future crisis.

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Researchers have focused mainly on managers and major shareholders interests on firm ownership Prior to the Asian Financial Crisis, the Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore experienced a remarkable growth in the economy that was considered the highest in the world. Causes The Asian financial crisis, like many other financial crises before and after it, began with a series of asset bubbles. The differences of views are being debated in academic and policy circles and reflected in the media. Since the issuance of the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance in , the Securities Commission Malaysia has continuously been improving their governance framework, where the code was revised and securities were amended. While western economies suffered from enormous losses, Asian economies somehow managed to turn this misfortune into an opportunity. Cloud over capital flows. A myriad of factors caused the GFC and can be traced back to even before the widespread issuing of subprime loans and mortgage backed securities due to securitisation and financial deregulation The mix of policies varied by country, but generally included measures to deleverage, clean up and strengthen weak financial systems, and to improve the competitiveness and flexibility of their economies. Federal Reserve also began to raise its interest rates around this time to counteract inflation, which led to less attractive exports for those with currencies pegged to the dollar and less foreign investment. It is hard to understand what these declines will actually do to the world market. S banking sector fall in a great liquidity crisis and simultaneously around the world stock markets have fallen, large financial institutions have collapsed or been bought out, and governments in even the wealthiest nations have had to come up with rescue packages to bail out their financial systems

Proponents of neoliberalismwho saw the crisis as homegrown, were quick to blame interventionist state practices, national governance arrangements, and crony capitalism for the crisis.

Written as of November 22, Domestic saving increases investment in a country which fuel the economic growth. This was confirmed by property developer Somprasong Land's default and the bankruptcy of Finance One, Thailand's largest finance company.

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The crisis then spread to parts of Asia, especially countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia, Thailand, including Indonesia, which happens to have long had the letters beharga these companies This was due to the fact that in the early and mids these same countries were lauded as model economies with high Gross Domestic Product GDP.

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The Causes of the Asian Crisis Essay