Discuss the principle needs desires of the typical employee

At this highest level, managers focus on promoting an environment where an employee can meet his own self-actualization needs.

Create constancy for the purpose of improvement of product and service. People usually accept and often seek responsibility. People will apply self-control and self-direction in the pursuit of organisational objectives, without external control or the threat of punishment.

We all want a good salary to meet the needs of our family and we want to work in a stable environment.

maslow hierarchy of needs theory and how it applies to the workplace pdf

The average person prefers to be directed; to avoid responsibility; is relatively unambitious, and wants security above all else.

Investing in employee training is one way that management can invest in their future, and also ensure future success within the company. Tailoring the reward to the work done is the most motivating factor it shows that there is thought behind the reward. Callous implementation of difficult decisions will cause the remaining employees in the organization to feel threatened about the ability or desire of the organization to continue to meet their physiological and security needs.

Within this category, we have specifically chosen the laptop industry, to illustrate clearly the wants and needs of consumers and the various elements of the marketing mix used, in order to satisfy them.

If they do, continue to conduct one-to-one reviews and maintain your leadership practices, whilst always looking for new ways to keep your team inspired. A proper training and orientation provide certain benefits to the organization that in turn leads to the positive growth of the organization.

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Motivation Theories: Individual Needs