Compare and contrast the ottoman safavid munguhl empires

The Ottoman titles were claimed to be caliphs.

difference between ottoman empire and mughal empire

Mughals were the only group that was not predominately Muslim. Palace women were placed in essentially the same positions in all three of the Islamic Empires. Akbar did not wish to pick sides and incur the distrust of the large Hindu population, and thus chose to follow a new religion of his own creation.

similarities between ottoman and safavid empires

Thanks in large part to their acquisition of muskets, the Ottoman rulers were able to drive out the Timurids and reestablish their control of Turkey in Aurangzeb did not force conversion to Islam, but nonetheless followed the pattern of confessionalization enacted by the Ottoman and Safavid Empires [7].

Mughal women played similar roles [10].

Compare and contrast the ottoman safavid munguhl empires

Later Ottoman rulers followed Sunni Islam, and encouraged, but did not force, Jews and Christians to convert to Islam [2]. The Safavid Empire mainly united Persian speaking areas, but still faced religious clashes in multiple facets: Muslim vs. Babur's victorious Central Asian army used a combination of traditional horse cavalry tactics and new-fangled cannons; the cannon fire spooked Lodi's war-elephants, which turned and trampled their own army in their hurry to escape the fearsome noise. Unlike the Ottomans, the Safavids went farther, persecuting non-Muslims. A concubine would leave to raise her son, and when he was given land to govern as a prince, she would go with him and act as his main protector, advisor, and manager of his household [9]. This caused commerce and manufacturing to thrive. Early on, the Safavids were at a disadvantage to the better-armed Ottomans, but they soon closed the arms gap.

They successfully battled the Uzbeks in using Janissary-like tactics against the Uzbek cavalry. In the Safavid empire socially, they were a mixed society just like the Ottoman empire.

the gunpowder empires the ottomans safavids and mughals worksheet

All three empires ended up at least encouraging, if not enforcing, conversion to Islam it took an extra century or so for the Mughals, but the outcome was the same.

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The Mughal, Ottoman, and Safavid Empires by Afton Guedea on Prezi