Celebrity endorsement and its impact on sales

Celebrity endorsement and its impact on sales

In agreement, Naz and Siddiqui believe that famous people achieve higher degree of attention and awareness. Impact of celebrity endorsement on overall brands. In addition, it also helps consumers to recall the brands of fasts foods products. Yew, S. The meaning attributed to celebrities moves from the celebrity endorser to the product when the two are paired in an advertisement. TV channels are flooded with advertisements most of them being celebrity advertisements. Despite the preceding potential benefits, there are still many potential hazards in utilising celebrities as part of a marketing communications campaign. For example, you wouldn't see LeBron James promoting, say, makeup. For instance, Michael Jordan endorsed Nike and he used various products of Nike when he trained and played basketball Seno and Lukas, As noted by Dash and Sabat , about a quarter of all advertisements in the United States of America feature a celebrity endorser. Carroll 2. Thus, it could be inferred that celebrity-product congruence is positively related to brand image. The most widely recognized link is the existence of a positive relation between the brand image and the brand equity.

Another dangerous pitfall in the celebrity endorsement can be the mismatch between a celebrity and the image of the brand whereby celebrities may manifest certain qualities for the audience. Marketing Management 3: British Journal of Social Psychology, 51 4 In addition, a quantitative research design would largely focus on providing the statistical description of the research problem thereby highlighting the celebrity endorsement variables to the research problem Ergu and Kou, ; Stallen et al.

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Advertising Worldwide: Concepts. Furthermore, celebrity image will have a long lasting impact on brand image and this helps marketing managers to introduce new products or reposition the existing ones Buksa and Mitsis, Benefits of using celebrities can reverse markedly if they, for example, suddenly change image, drop in popularity, get into a situation of moral turpitude, lose credibility by over-endorsing, or overshadow endorsed products. Zafar, Q. Journal of Management and Social Science 4: Erdogan Individuals can change, and endorsement relations can sour. Distinctions of status, class, gender, and age, as well as personality and lifestyle types, are represented in the pool of available celebrities, putting an extraordinarily various and subtle pallet of meanings at the disposal of the marketing system. The case study of fast foods outlet companies in Harare, Zimbabwe. The use of celebrities in advertisement is now not uncommon in many developed and developing countries. Establish the effect of physical attractiveness of celebrity on consumer buying behaviour. Marketing Management 3: Roy, Jain and Rana, also opine that celebrity endorsements contribute to higher consumer awareness and favorable product evaluations. By Jacob Shenje Abstract Fast foods companies in Zimbabwe have been outcompeting and outclassing each other in using celebrity endorsers for their marketing communications. Keywords: celebrity credibility, celebrity endorsement, perceived expertise, physical attractiveness, purchase intentions, trustworthiness.

As noted by Veldhuis, Konijn and Seidellapproximately 39 ads have been broadcast through televisions, private and public radio stations in Zimbabwe in alone.

The Indians idolize their bollywood actors and cricketers. Virtually perfect: Image retouching and adolescent body image.

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How Brands Should Use Celebrities For Endorsements