Celebrities in advertising

Featuring celebrities in advertising can grab attention immediately and enhance a brand, and for that reason it has always been a high-impact marketing tool. Influences consumer purchases: New consumers arise as they follow the celebrity.

celebrity endorsement in advertising

It is shown that even the most seemingly reliable and trustworthy celebrities can slip up and cause brand image and reputation to be put on the line.

Risk for companies[ edit ] Although for a business, hiring a celebrity to endorse their brand would seem to be an effective and profitable way of expanding the growth of their brand — there is a severe risk with choosing this type of marketing strategy which could lead to damaging impacts on the business therefore choosing this strategy could be an beneficial or a huge disadvantage.

History of celebrity endorsement

However, traditional celebrities can command high costs. They could also be seen as disliking other competitor brands or not able to associate themselves with other brands such as Nike and Adidas, as they in the same market. Brand recognition is where the general public is able to establish a brand from its attributes. Breathe Life Into Failing Brand The use of a celebrity in an advertisement may also help to breathe life into a failing brand. Twenty six young women took part in the study. According to Ad Age , a brand that inks an endorsement contract with a celebrity or an athlete can see their stock rise up to. Endorsements Have To Be Targeted Accurately It seems obvious, but in order for their impact to be shown, endorsements have to have a similar target audience that the "influencer" has to begin with. Some celebrities have distinct voices which are recognizable even when faces are not visible on a screen. This could cause followers of the celebrity to be doubtful of them, not just the brand. When a celebrity signs an endorsement deal with a product, an element of legitimacy is suddenly present in the company, simply because of the power of the name backing it up. This concludes the reason as to why Adidas is their main sponsor — they want to be a part of the 'All Blacks' fame and success. The use of celebrities helps to humanize the brand. Typically, celebrity endorsement is associated with large companies.

Advantages vs. Product positioning is placing a company's products in the best possible light in the minds of a target group.

Impact of celebrity endorsement

According to the Journal of Marketing Management, celebrity endorsement can be effective because consumers believe in the celebrity figures and consequently support the brands that the endorser markets. The celebrity could be seen using the product, or the main character, as being seen in the advertisement can help viewers associate them with the brand. The use of a local celebrity can do much to enhance consumers' awareness and understanding of what a small business offers. This creates a brand identity as consumers begin to relate the celebrities' characteristics with the brands. Brand alliance[ edit ] The brand alliance is a business strategy that can involve the intentional process of associating two or more established brand names in a specific attempt to attract attention from consumers and thus increase the chances of earning additional sales for all the businesses involved. Position a Brand Some small companies use celebrities in advertising to position their brands. It's how the business uses this attention decides whether the outcome is beneficial or negative to the brand because there are dear impacts if an error is made due to the many people watching and making judgments. An Example of this is Coke whereby their signature color is red and consumers acknowledge that. This quote explains that there are two types of celebrity endorsement: explicit and implicit.

If the celebrity has a negative image, the brand could be perceived that way too. September Learn how and when to remove this template message Through the s, royal endorsements were used as a type of celebrity branding to promote products.

Celebrities in advertising

Brand image[ edit ] There is a high focus placed upon the importance of choosing a reliable, trustworthy celebrity to endorse or sponsor a company's product, while still balancing the celebrity's attractiveness, power, and similarity of the celebrity's public image with the company's overall current, or intended brand image. Muda et al. When hip hop music sales increased throughout the s and s, many apparel manufacturers wanted to capitalize on the trend. It is equally important to note that a celebrity endorsement alone does guarantee success. According to the Telegraph , the ten most popular Instagram accounts are all celebrities who all have around 30 million followers. Cristiano Ronaldo is 2nd, with million followers, and Ariana Grande is 3rd with million followers. This makes consumers associate the celebrity with lots of brands, rather than one distinct one making their association with the brand not as strong and compelling. These days, that often translates to generating buzz or engagement with their social networks.
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Celebrities in Advertising: Neuroscience Insights