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Our process takes a maximum of 21 days from receiving Raw Material to final product shipped to buyer. Payment is issued for your precious metal as soon as you decide to sell your metals and the processing has been completed. Plus, they lose quantities of the gold and other metals that they contain during their life of use, and only testing can assess their content.

The bulk of the value from converters is given directly to the seller, namely the scrap yard or core buyer.

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Mario is a seasoned business man, industrial chemist and understands every facet of the recycling business. The purchase of high quality raw material, even thou more expensive RM produces a higher quantity of finished product. The program comes at no cost to the state or to its residents. Our Solution Since using our proprietary chemical smelting industrial process IP , we have proven from our own laboratories and in our commercial industrial reactors how we produce higher recovery percentages of PGMs. No offense to you Kurt, but you did not have the resources, knowledge, or near enough supply to make a run at doing this as a full fledged venture. Are They the Prices per Ounce? In most cases, the answer to that question is no, for several reasons. In some cases, older gold-plated material from the s or s can have higher gold content and value. We have management of manufacturing operations in multi-national locations that has been exposed to a wide variety of plant designs, start-ups, engineering of plant production lines, product designs, cost control methods and ISO standards. If you have a quantity of used sputtering targets that are essentially identical, and which have outlived their productive lives in the same company, it is possible to estimate the value of them all by testing only one. These shortages are particularly evident looking at platinum and palladium.

Using the trickle-down model, roughly Interestingly, platinum and palladium can be inversely loaded in auto catalysts to create the same effect on cleaning greenhouse gas emissions.

This is because there is only a finite amount of precious metal in a given load, which eventually ends up at a company like PMR for real evaluation and payment.

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These shortages highlight the need for auto catalyst recycling. The average spot market price for platinum in as of Nov.

Prices are per Troy ounce for precious metals.

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