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On Sept. The terms involved the cancellation of shares of Gatehouse, but those owners receiving warrants to buy shares in New Media Investment Group Inc, a new holding company.

On any block, you can find the most fascinating story, people doing charitable work that goes completely unnoticed. Yet she acknowledges the approach varies from one group of papers to another.

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Yet she acknowledges the approach varies from one group of papers to another. CEO Robert James Thomson indicated that the newspapers "were not strategically consistent with the emerging portfolio" of the company, which had been formed as a spin-off of News Corporation. Schutza contended the City had failed and refused to ensure the accessibility of public facilities at OB Dog Beach including the River Trail. But there is no mention in the settlement of rebuilding the ramp. A broker asked if he was interested in acquiring it, and after doing the due diligence, he and his wife saw growth where most others spotted decline. It may be targeted, but that niche keeps proliferating. The Beacon Journal is a daily newspaper tracing its storied, Pulitzer Prize -winning history to 's Summit Beacon, which early in the 20th century came under the editorship and ownership of publisher John S. Despite the conventional wisdom that people are moving away from print papers, Goodstein is optimistic.

It didn't find the City was at fault, nor require the City to do anything. OBPB countered by recommending instead the City consider building the ramp elsewhere, on the path crowning the berm leading to the guard tower between Dog Beach and the regular beach.

The Goodsteins have eyes on expanding.

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The planned bankruptcy centered on restructuring the Fortress News Corp deal.

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