Blog assignment

Students are encouraged to be creative with the modes and media; students should plan to embed images, links, Tweets, videos or other multimedia content.

blog entry assignment

This phase should take about an hour. The experiment was a success, and I would do it again. Below are the instructions and prompts we used: There's a new website called "The Learning Scientists. At least one multimodal element: this might include hyperlinks, images, embedded videos, infographics, sound recordings or other elements.

blog assignment rubric

Students should view this post as an opportunity to begin fleshing out their thoughts for the Formal Definition paper and will have the opportunity to read other definitions and give and receive feedback with their peers.

Student Sample Blog-Websites Examining some successful student blogs from past Tech Writing classes may help you decide how to craft your own:. Students will choose pages from a picture book and will analyze the layout, design, interaction between text and image, rhetorical decisions, and other visual aspects of the chosen images.

Blog assignment
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Blog Assignment