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Games can include inflatable pits and games, giant Jenga, and classic festival or carnival games. Send a special email to your customer list to break the exciting news and give them first crack at purchasing tickets.

How to organise a charity beer festival

After research in Asheville and Charlotte, North Carolina, Charleston and Greenville, South Carolina, it was clear that the business model was there and could be successful. Be sure you have the budget to play with when it comes to the marketing of your Beer Fest. It may be a good idea to ask some of your food caterers and brewers to collaborate and make beer and food pairings. Tap into local media outlets who will happily promote the local breweries that will be at your festival. This is one of the most frequently forgotten, yet crucial components of a successful festival. Also keep in mind the logistics of crowd flow when setting up your venue. Consider tasking one of your tap room employees or an enterprising local student and beer enthusiast to help with this project. Promote it at any bars, breweries, and restaurants that you possibly can- anywhere beer connoisseurs may be. Press and coverage: Blog about your participation! You may need to enlist extra help, which could just be a matter of asking your friends and fans to pitch in.

Make sure you have a crystal clear idea of the age, interests and palette range of your target guest. Go By The Book Obtain the necessary permits or risk getting shut down the day of the event. Be sure you remember your Vegetarian guests.

Check the weather forecast so you know what to expect.

Beer festival tips

Treat your brewers like your VIP guests. You want people who are browsing for local events to discover your craft beer festival. Obtain the proper permits or licensing necessary to hold your festival and notify your local fire marshal and police station before the event so that they can ensure proper security for the safety of all who attend. Success is about more than a big crowd, and it can take some time to get there. Reach out to local and regional breweries that would be interested in the opportunity of expanding their brand awareness and giving out samples of their beers at your beer festival. Invite local artists to play or hire a DJ to provide the tunes. Recruit Your Team All ideas are great, but to make them come to fruition, you need a well-thought-out plan. Ideas for topics might be what makes your beer special, or, tell the story of how you started your brewery. Having some entertainment, like a local band, will give them something to break their day up. We offer unique comforts for our guests including a back area we call our "Reynolds Room" that has 2 couches and a tv with gaming unit. Here are a few factors to consider to help guide your decisions. Here are a few ideas from our beer festival vault: Beer Koozies: Especially for summer festivals, help visitors keep their beers cold with a custom branded koozie.

A unique hobby? A great space for impromptu business meetings or socializing.

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Alternatively, you can host a collection of ales, with a variety of everything from stouts to pale ales and perhaps some fruity ciders as alternatives. There you have the Southland Taproom.

And why should it? Look for local events, at least at the onset as you expand your footprint.

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Put some strategy behind your decision and fill your calendar with the best possible events for your unique brewery.

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Top 5 Tips To Hosting Your Own Beer Festival