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One can never leave the cycle of life and death.

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University of Virginia Press, This only adds onto the loss of her innocence though. As I lay dying is a narrative by William Faulkner who uses multiple narrators and different techniques to convey a message from different points of view. Moreover, his juxtaposition with Jewel is emphasized. I believe he is. Through the thoughts of Darl Bundren the reader comes to understand what is going on within the family. It appears that Vardaman starts to dissociate things and people around him. The characters must face many trials and tribulations along the way, including a broken leg and a hidden pregnancy. Vardaman cannot accept the fact that his mother is dead. Watkins, T. She loves her children and they adore her. She now must act as the mother of Vardaman, while also cooking and cleaning. Darl may have over-reacted a little by burning down the barn, but he had reasonable motives for doing so. Althought this may seem insane, he did it for sane motives. The book consists of fifteen characters with more than fifty-nine chapters.

I would not want to watch a man build my coffin. It is therefore prevailed by hostility and authoritative behavior towards his own existence.

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Even though there is no forefront hero depicted within the novel there is definitely evidence that suggests that some of the heroes are capable of heroic characteristics. Pettey, Homer B. He thought that if he just destroyed his mothers coffin and remains, it would end the whole nightmare and allow them to go home. According to John S. He ends up drilling the holes into her face. Vardaman is also affected by the eventful journey to Jefferson. Darl, therefore, has endured exclusion and isolation, as a high price for his peculiar power of perception.

Coughlan, Robert. Vardaman starts to dissociate from reality when he cannot accept that his mother is dead and that other people will die eventually also.

As i lay dying thesis

It seems that Vardaman has greatly aged over the process of the journey and by the end, Vardaman is most likely wondering if the journey was worth it. With her powerful natural drive and her instinct for the concrete and personal, she does not need to agonize over her decisions. And old turkey-buzzard Tull coming to watch her die but I can fool them. Neither alive, nor dead, she reminds him how much of a burden he was. And now she is getting so far ahead I cannot catch her. Dewey Dell discovers this while she is standing over her mother: "She is going to die," he says. For example, one may consider Darl crazy because he put Cash's injured leg in a cement cast. He also knows that Dewey Dell is pregnant without having to be told.

In the s, having sex outside of marriage was unheard of. It is not a pleasant topic throughout the book.

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People perpetuate the cycle by creating life, but in creating life they are creating death, for life irrevocably leads to death.

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