An analysis of the topic of the multimedia in the modern technology

These can be useful to create virtual classrooms inside the real existing classroom.

impact of multimedia in education

Our university possesses six multimedia laboratories under the name of Sanako lab v. The use of media sources like from what I said to my example is to connect learners with the events that are culturally relevant.

use of multimedia in classroom teaching

Using multimedia in our FFL classrooms is more likely to help both learners and teachers enhance their competences in a variety of ways. These are skills both teachers and learners need to acquire within the reform before ever thinking to use technology in teaching research methodology.

JOJI B. In this regard, Idri states that the LMD reform suggests new teaching subjects, defends both technology use and updated teaching methods use. Such reform puts focus on Research Methodology as a subject that accompanies the English as a Foreign Language EFL student from the first year to the master degree in order to develop in learners the necessary skills and competences to conduct research.

Hence, our aim is to suggest using multimedia labs to organise practical, regular sessions to put theory of research methodology into practice c. The students were required to write their email addresses 15 in number and one student said that she has no email address.

Here, concepts like computer literacy, information literacy and electronic literacy need to be known c. The creation of a google group outside the multimedia lab was meant to demonstrate how can students use the labs inside the classroom and expand its usage outside the classroom with the help of the instructor.

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Using multimedia labs in enhancing EFL Students’ research methods