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She goes into detail about how alone she feels in her world, and how she sees no possible change in her future. It is singing and trying to forget the entrapped situation for the time being.

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And feel no broken-hearted again. However, this poem does serve cultural significance even without Dunbar's use of dialect.

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Update this section! The last word is broken-hearted. Despair means that a feeling of hopeless of a human. Sympathy Introduction In A Nutshell Imagine you're a little birdie stuck in a cage alone—no flying, no hanging out with your other bird buddies. Personification Emily not only used many metaphor words but also used many personification words. Its mean that the star still set aglow and the glow are red like thing that burned. And weep is a motion of a thing which drops or dripping something wet, such us a blood, tears, and water. Herbert attributes a human gesture to time and shrewdness to flowers.

He brings the parallel to a close by describing how the normally enjoyable sounds of the first bird whistling in the morning and the first flower bud opening to let loose its sweet scent are to one trapped inside not so much enjoyable, but a part of the experience of losing freedom.

The second stanza mentions the bird clanging his wings against the bars until it bleeds. This is why Paul Laurence Dunbar 's poem "Sympathy" is so instructive. She crying to lost him.

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The winter support the situation, when her broken-hearted winter is coming and snow was fall down.

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A Short Analysis of Philip Larkin’s ‘Sympathy in White Major’