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Robert B. PM: Maybe I should ask, then, what is the truest thing you know about the phenomenon of, and the making of, meter? Read about creative writing short story writing. Stallings: My father was a professor at Georgia State University, my mother was a school librarian; one grandfather was in education, and the other was an Episcopal priest; both of my grandmothers were teachers at one point.

I am always learning new things, rereading things in a new light, rereading things from a different point in life. AS: Rhyme is a sort of echolocation—you speak out into the world, and it answers back to you. Specifically hard consonant sounds like T, ST, and CH have a hard, staccato effect that a lot of poets like to use.

Burning light painted the insides of his eyelids red. PM: What would you want American readers and poets, perhaps to know about contemporary Greek poetry?

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Learn the ae tuition classes in 80 disciplines. Listing a-e - international creative writing, ri. I like things like rhyme and meter precisely because using these random limitations can leave you open to things beyond your control, spaces for the Muse to move through. Pairing things up is then part of the composition. Instead of using an abstraction, think of what imagery you can use to convey that emotion or concept. A-E - interdisciplinary language arts creative writing intensive course for creative. In this regard he criticized scholars for being lazy, and this tone of moral rectitude permeated the entire paper. I suppose the Athenian tragedians found the same thing. This page has the widest range of poetry love and quotes. I do a lot of a technique I am not sure what it should be called which involves writing a strophe of some kind, and then just rhyming the originally strophe at random in no pattern with some of the rhymes at great distance from each other, so that they are probably nearly inaudible and other rhymes close enough to chime. Abstractions make every person picture something different, so they are weak words, and they will weaken your poem. Using no punctuation at all would lend to a rushed feeling, which you may want.

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A.E. Stallings: Writing Poetry