A review of the ayotzinapa incident and its impact in mexico

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Government officials could torture or disappear anyone: all they needed to do was to call them a communist. According to the official report, a group of around four or five thousand student Communist agitators gathered in the Plaza de las tres Culturas on October 2,to spread propaganda against the government despite being warned by President Diaz Ordaz that he would persecute dissenters.

what happened to the 43 missing students

Once the fire had subsided, the suspects returned to the site and threw dirt and ashes to cool down the remains. The majority of the sources used for that story were officials from the military or government, offering only one side of the story. After meeting with the groups, several legislators voiced public support for their effort.

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While the students are still considered missing, it is widely believed that they have been killed. The report accused federal investigators and marines of obtaining confessions gained through brutality and called for those statements to be thrown out. The attack was blamed on the inhabitants of the Tepito Neighborhood, although teachers blamed the Federal Government. Fifteen minutes later, the vehicles returned, and three men jumped out and fired on the news conference from close range. Forensic Architecture are continuing to update the database with new or clarified data. Paulina Villegas contributed reporting. At p. The army and police did not cease firing into the crowd until hours after the initial shots, killing anywhere from to 2, students the exact number is still unknown.

Some witnesses said they also had seen a police car in the area. In Julythe mountains near Iguala had even been dug up to reveal 60 mass graves — but in another embarrassing twist for the government, none of the bodies discovered were found to be those of the missing students.

The Yosoy movement not only demanded a proper report of what truly happened at the protest, but also helped liberalize Mexican media by using its access to social media to convey the truth behind the events and gain international support. Several hundred protesters gathered near the National Palace, small groups of protesters were throwing bottles and fireworks at the palace and the police tried to push them back using water cannon.

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Who disappeared the students? The site near the town of Cocula, Mexico, pictured on Saturday, Nov.

A review of the ayotzinapa incident and its impact in mexico

In the U. Thousands of people took part in three protest marches in the capital. That the Mexican state apparatus is infiltrated by narcos is both rumour and fact. Video Investigators say Mexico has thwarted efforts to find out what happened to the 43 students who disappeared in September from the town of Iguala, about miles south of Mexico City. But even if a connection had been proved — and it was not — the story made no sense. It was her misfortune that she was good-looking and ambitious. In each of the host cities, relatives spoke not only of their loss, but also of the systematic violence and impunity committed by the Mexican government and its police. Solidarity with the 43 disappeared students," the graffiti reads.

According to this account, the students had planned to interrupt or demonstrate at the event, and the mayor and his wife had given orders for them to be intercepted and handed over to a local drug gang with which they were supposed to have ties.

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Iguala mass kidnapping