A discussion on american cultural values

traditional american values and beliefs

A replica of the first working transistor This propensity for application of scientific ideas continued throughout the 20th century with innovations that held strong international benefits. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. More than that, these expressions convey an admiration for achievers, people whose lives are centered around efforts to accomplish some physical, measurable thing.

Equality Americans are also distinctive in the degree to which they believe in the ideal, as stated in their Declaration of Independence, that "all men are created equal. They dislike being the subjects of open displays of respect - being bowed to, being deferred to, being treated as though they could do no wrong.

A discussion on american cultural values

Some American values are equality, liberty, and self-government. It is this fabric that defines the American Dream—the belief that if people take responsibility for their lives and work hard, they will have the individual freedom to pursue their personal goals and a good opportunity to compete for success. The relationship among these values—the rights and the responsibilities—creates the fabric of the American society. The fact that American ideals are only partly carried out in real life does not diminish their importance. So even if they have a phone that works, they may want a new phone because it has new and exciting features. Household ownership of television sets in the country is Independence One of the main values in the United States is independence.

Independence One of the main values in the United States is independence. The host might have pets, usually dogs or cats, who live in the house along with the human inhabitants, and who may be permitted to enter any part of the house and use any item of furniture as a resting place. Inthe British colonial settlers declared their independence from England and established a new nation, the United States of America.

It is one of the most respected and popular words in the United States today. Americans are uncomfortable with silence; they expect to talk rather constantly when in the presence of others. Throughout its history, American culture has made significant gains through the open immigration of accomplished scientists.

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American Values and Assumptions