A comparison of social circumstances in a dolls house and a streetcar named desire

Their ability to control money enabled them to control others' lives, including defining morals. It opens up with Nora coming home and decorating the house for Christmas and making preparations.

Gender roles were for the most part set in stone. Stanley treats Stella badly. For example, the lavish costuming of Blanche represents the extent of her desire for, and delusion of, an extravagant life. A relationship based on lies and play-acting; A marriage condemned by the weight of public opinion. The streetcar in the New Orleans Street, Elysian Fields, is an urban harsh world, where the laws of nature are the enduring rules of engagement. The Nurse has to give up her own child to look after other people's in order to survive financially. Before coming to Elysian Fields Blanche finds her husband in bed with another man, which leads him to committing suicide. The female protagonist Nora lives a perfectly comfortable and seemingly carefree life until her husband Torvald Helmer falls ill. The choices in the performance made by the latter can neither be right nor wrong, as there are so many options open for artistic interpretation.

Nora's attempt to take partial control of the money in their marriage by taking out the loan ends in disaster, as Torvald feels morally shamed by her action. To some extent, they are truth-bringers in the false setup of the Helmer marriage. Society has always strongly influenced the way people act, think, dress and structure their lives.

comparison between a dolls house and a streetcar named desire

When comparing these two plays you also have to keep in mind about how that both the plays were done in different time periods. This remarkable success can be credited to the intricate characters and their interactions with each other.

Furthermore if society accepted women to be an equal breadwinner in that time then Nora would have had a means of earning the money to pay Krogstad back as she would have worked and earned money. Though divorce was available, it carried such a social stigma not just for the woman, but also for her husband and family that few women saw it as an option.

Stanley from A Street Car Named Desire was a gruff, hardworking blue collar man, who has been living the married life for a decent amount of time to his wife Stella. His threat of blackmail gains its power from the immense authority that individuals vested in society's moral standards: if nobody cared much what society thought, then Krogstad could tell all and no one would be harmed. This disillusion marks the final destructive blow to her doll's house. After all, why would a mother abandon her children and her husband with no clear indication to if she were going to return. Society wishes to preserve the status quo, whereas self-fulfillment often means pushing and breaking boundaries. They both are exploiting the main character of the novels they are in. Both of these books share anachronistic views of marriage where marriage is not an emotional attachment between two entities but a social engagement between two entities of similar wealth and power When faced with challenges, some individuals are inclined enough to adapt in order to overcome these obstacles, whereas others will find themselves unable to do so, and ultimately stumble along the road leading to their destiny. Blanche had lost her husband, lost Bella Reave which was a place the family had owned since they were young girls and has lost in a sense self-respect for herself. Promiscuity can be defined as having alternate sexual relations with various people; a trait which both characters can be seen to possess. Their conversation revealed that the Helmers have been very observant with their money for a long time. Torvald in return deceives Nora and himself when he claims, with apparent sincerity, that if he would take upon himself any burden that fell upon Nora. Its media and entertainment holdings establish it as a central communicator in contemporary life. The individual and society Victorian society is portrayed as a repressive influence on the individual. The men believe that women focus on trivial matters and are incapable of intelligent thinking, while the women quietly prove the men's assumptions wrong.

Nora at first appears to be a silly, selfish girl, but then we learn that she has made great sacrifices to save her husband's life and pay back her secret loan. Gender roles were for the most part set in stone.

His claim appears to arise from his poor self-knowledge and tendency to fantasize about his and Nora's life together.

Blanche has begun to mentally deteriorate due to all the stress, sadness and disappointment she has dealt with throughout her life.

a dolls house comparison essay

There are other key hints to who Nora genuinely is right from the opening of the play too It has put him at the mercy of Krogstad and, it is implied, compromised his standing as a man and a moral member of society.

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A Doll's House: Theme Analysis