5 paragraph essay on the civil war

Women, in the South proved they were strong; they had their morals and were not afraid to speak their minds. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for students to write an interesting paper on a subject that is so common.

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This event was one of the most destructive events in American history. It seems, as though, the Confederate ignored this rule more than the Union.

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Many causes led to the Civil War. In the meantime Union armies and river fleets in the theater of war comprising the slave states west of the Appalachian Mountain chain won a long series of victories over Confederate armies commanded by hapless or unlucky Confederate generals. This happened because the north did not believe in slavery, but the south did. In those four years, more than half a million soldiers from both the Confederate and Union side were either wounded or died trying to fight for what they believed in. It gives you the right to vote, but most of all you obtain freedom, freedom of involuntary servitude Later gained momentum as territorial expansion set Americans against each other on debating whether the new states should be slave states or free states, it questioned the power of the Federal government regarding state rights, and brought about instability in the unity of the United States as a nation. On the other hand the South fought to preserve what they believed to be absolute state rights. Although the individuals who fought and died in both the North and South were arguably against each other politically, economically, socially, and emotionally one main point lost to them was that they had common ground in being a part of a newly formed nation in America. S history.

Events such as the Missouri Compromise, Kansas Nebraska Act, Dred Scott Decision, and the Election of Abraham Lincoln resulted in the four yearlong battles between the Northern and Southern states due to social and economic differences on the idea of slavery. Also, the growth of the abolition movement added to the turmoil It took place from to between the North Union and the South Confederacyresulting in the deaths of an estimated numbersoldiers and an unspecified but reasonably large number of civilian casualties The Emancipation Proclamation and freeing of the slaves was a secondary outcome.

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People thought slavery was a good thing. In Gettysburg there were three consecutive days in July, were the most soldiers were hurt. This war was indeed a tragedy. The South argued that each state had rights to secede and leave the Union whenever they wanted — they claimed that states should decide whether they want to pass laws or not, as the states were themselves important individual regions. They played at recruitment rallies and kept up the troops' morale. Several battles had already taken place--near Manassas Junction in Virginia, in the mountains of western Virginia where Union victories paved the way for creation of the new state of West Virginia, at Wilson's Creek in Missouri, at Cape Hatteras in North Carolina, and at Port Royal in South Carolina where the Union navy established a base for a blockade to shut off the Confederacy's access to the outside world. They failed. Even though there were differences of opinion on slavery within Union states at the time and not all the states that held slaves were part of The Confederacy, it was generally clear that The North and The South held opposing views to slavery, leading to political causes of the civil war. The North did not believe in slavery and wanted no part in owning another human being because that believed that it was wrong and unhuman and that god had not approved of owning a slave.

Beauregard, southern troops opened a fire near Fort Sumter. This protected their right to own slaves and also included provisions for the extension of slavery into new territories that the Confederacy may acquire in the future In addition it cost an extreme amount of money for the nation which possibly could have been avoided if the war had turned to happen a little differently.

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It was a conflict between the Northern and Southern states. Choose three and analyze the relative significance of each in contributing to the advent of the Civil War.

5 paragraph essay on the civil war

Other interesting articles. They played at recruitment rallies and kept up the troops' morale. It analyses the contribution of each person in the American civil war. However, African Americans did not let that hold them back and they continued to act freely and began to do things such as go to school, make their own communities, marry, and many other things The resulting conflict had turned a separated America into a more united country as the shift from the bloody war lead to the birth of modern America. This protected their right to own slaves and also included provisions for the extension of slavery into new territories that the Confederacy may acquire in the future It can be hard to analyze conflicting opinions of historians on this issue within a specific limit of words or pages.

I can imagine how hard this time could have been for the slaves at this point.

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